Literary Trivia, Part Six

Part Six

26. What are the names of the cows on Cold Comfort Farm?
North, South, East, and West
Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, and Pride
Milk, Butter, Yogurt, and Cheese
Feckless, Graceless, Pointless, and Aimless
Florabelle, Corabelle, Dorabelle, and Laurabelle

27. Augustin Meaulnes is obsessed with finding a
lost domain
lost painting
lost mine
lost manuscript
lost fortune

28. Which of these honors was accorded to French author Colette?
A state funeral
Presidency of the Académie Goncourt
The Legion of Honor
A square in Paris named after her
All of the above

29. Oscar Wilde was sent to prison for the crime of
tax evasion
gross indecency
poetic license

30. Who are the members of Nancy Drew’s household?
Her aunt and uncle
Her father and a housekeeper
Her parents and two brothers, Frank and Joe
Ned, Bess, and George
Nancy lives alone

Answers appear at the bottom of the following page.

Answers to Part Five

21. Phoniness. “One of the biggest reasons I left Elkton Hills was because I was surrounded by phonies.”
22. It was our old friend Bulwer-Lytton, writing in the play Richelieu.
23. A parrot.
24. The admirably organized Miss Lemon maintains a filing system that would be the envy of Mma Makutsi, secretary to a less famous detective.
25. A Series of Unfortunate Events opens with Mr. Poe delivering the news that the children’s parents have died in a terrible fire.

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