Richard Kallan

Richard Kallan
Armed Gunmen, True Facts, and Other Ridiculous Nonsense

Richard Kallan knows the way to a copy editor’s heart: by compiling lists of the redundancies we come across every day in our work and strive to eradicate.

The expressions profiled range from the subtle and widely accepted (close proximity, ATM machine) to the howlingly outrageous (visible to the eye, single bachelor, historical past).

If you’re in need of a bracing pick-me-up, open to any page at random and cheer yourself with various varieties of the three-sided triangle, Jewish rabbi, free gift, and hopeful optimist. Kallan turns the excessive verbiage of a disorganized mess into funny humor. It’s the honest truth.

One thought on “Richard Kallan

  1. Kallan’s book leaves me a hopeful optimist that I will at last finally find a bedtime story to read before I sleep.

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