Literary Trivia, Part One


Part One

1. Whose advice to budding writers was “Murder your darlings”?
Agatha Christie’s
Mary Roberts Rinehart’s
Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s
Jonathan Swift’s
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch’s

2. Hemingway’s first wife was named

3. With which literary figure is Joyce Maynard associated?
S.J. Perelman
W.H. Auden
M.F.K. Fisher
J.D. Salinger
E.E. Cummings

4. George Sand and George Eliot were both
blind from birth
knighted for their literary achievements
well over six feet tall
the same person

5. The Hound of the Baskervilles is introduced to his victim’s scent through which article of clothing?
A hat
A boot
A cravat
A handkerchief
A glove

Answers appear at the bottom of the following page.

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