Literary Trivia, Part Nineteen


Part Nineteen

91. “John Thomas” is the nickname Lady Chatterley uses for her gamekeeper’s
hunting dog
oldest son

92. Which of her characters does J.K. Rowling perceive as being gay?
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Rubeus Hagrid
Albus Dumbledore
Minerva McGonagall

93. Erica Jong soared onto best-seller lists during the 1970s with a sexually explicit novel called
Valley of the Dolls
Peyton Place
Fear of Flying
The Story of O

94. How does Emily Pollifax of New Brunswick, New Jersey, spend her retirement years?
Growing geraniums and working for the CIA
Wearing outrageous hats and performing magic tricks
Practicing karate and working to save the environment
Doing yoga and hosting tea parties
All of the above

95. At the funeral of poet Langston Hughes, the predominant musical style was
there was no music; the memorial was held in silence

Answers appear at the bottom of the following page.

Answers to Part Eighteen

86. Steinbeck lived in and wrote about the agricultural Salinas Valley of central California.
87. Facecream.
88. The second-best bed. Which makes you wonder who got the best bed.
89. The Borrowers—tiny people who live under the floorboards of British houses—are the creation of Mary Norton.
90. By Myself earned a National Book Award for Lauren Bacall in 1980.

Of Mice and Men, John SteinbeckFacecream & Vish PuriAnne & Will ShakespeareThe Borrowers, Mary NortonLauren Bacall

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