Stephen Huneck

Stephen Huneck
The Dog Chapel

On a hillside in eastern Vermont stands the Dog Chapel, a unique monument to humans’ best friends. Its signboard proclaims WELCOME ALL CREEDS ALL BREEDS NO DOGMAS ALLOWED.

In his moving introduction, artist Stephen Huneck describes how a near-death experience led him to build the chapel and furnish it with doggy sculptures, doggy stained glass windows, and pews carved in the shape of dogs. A winged golden retriever tops the steeple. “I have found that if wild ideas stick, no matter how crazy they may seem, I need to give them serious thought,” he says.

Huneck’s sensitive illustrations embody the qualities canines are known for: trust, playfulness, joy, and unswerving devotion. Anyone who has lost a cherished pet will appreciate this heartfelt tribute to our four-footed companions.

Sadly, The Dog Chapel is now out of print. But secondhand copies—complete with dog-ears—still provide comfort and inspiration.

At last, a religion for the nonreligious. In dogs we trust.

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