Literary Trivia, Part Two


Part Two

6. Nick Hornby’s favorite author is
Roddy Doyle
Stephen King
Charles Dickens
Jerome K. Jerome
Nick Hornby

7. In Excellent Women, what are the professions of Mildred Lathbury’s new neighbors, the Napiers?
Novelist and painter
Veterinarian and schoolteacher
Undertaker and pianist
Banker and housewife
Naval officer and anthropologist

8. Martha Morse, the great-grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder, was born in
Nova Scotia

9. What triggers Marcel Proust’s recollections of his childhood?
Visiting the seaside
Attending Albertine’s funeral
Eating a pastry
Planting a rose garden
Smoking a cigar

10. Linda Radlett first meets Fabrice de Sauveterre
at Lady Montdore’s country house
at a sidewalk café
in front of the Mona Lisa
on a train platform
in the American Express office

Answers appear at the bottom of the following page.

Answers to Part One

1. Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, who went by the pen name Q, advocated this ruthless practice.
2. Hadley was the first of Hemingway’s four wives; she is the légitime he refers to in A Moveable Feast.
3. As a young woman, Maynard lived with and was mentored by J.D. Salinger.
4. Both were female. George Sand and George Eliot are the pen names of novelists Aurore Dudevant and Mary Ann Evans, respectively.
5. A boot. The incident at the hotel involving Sir Henry Baskerville’s old and new boots gives Holmes his first clue in the case.

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