Literary Trivia, Part Eight

Part Eight

36. The Kiss describes Kathryn Harrison’s incestuous relationship with
her stepfather
her brother
her cousin
her uncle
her father

37. Who wrote a prequel to The Maltese Falcon?
Don Herron
Joe Gores
Lillian Hellman
Dashiell Hammett himself did, but it was never published
No one would dare; it’d be sacrilege

38. Eugene O’Neill disowned his daughter when she married
T.S. Eliot
a distant cousin
Charlie Chaplin
a union organizer
William Saroyan

39. What is Lady Audley’s terrible secret?
She’s insane
She has an illegitimate child
She murdered her first husband
She writes novels under a pseudonym
She stole money and jewelry from a former employer

40. Dr. Seuss is the pen name of
Charles Dodgson
Daniel Handler
Benjamin Spock
Theodor Geisel
Robert Louis Stevenson

Answers appear at the bottom of the following page.

Answers to Part Seven

31. Although Malachy, Michael, and Alphonse McCourt grow to adulthood, the twins Oliver and Eugene die in their infancy, as does Frank’s only sister.
32. Nin kept a richly detailed diary all the way from childhood until her death in 1977.
33. James Thurber. It was White who rescued Thurber’s crumpled sketches from the wastebasket and submitted them for publication.
34. Travels with My Aunt is a novel by Graham Greene.
35. The Voyage of the Beagle tells the story of Charles Darwin’s expedition to South America and Australia. It was during this trip that he formulated his theories of evolution.

Essays of E.B. WhiteTravels with My Aunt, Graham Greene

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