Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt
Angela’s Ashes

You don’t need me to tell you how terrific this book is, because everyone—including the Pulitzer Prize committee—has told you already.

Some years ago I suggested Angela’s Ashes to my father, who was of Irish descent, and later asked what he had thought of it. “Boy,” said Dad (we were on the phone, but I could almost see him shaking his head), “you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at some of this stuff.”

And that sums up Frank McCourt’s gifts very nicely.

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  1. I almost didn’t click on this author’s name under the “Memoir” section of this site because this book frankly scares me. But I trust you as a reviewer so maybe I’ll give it a shot. I like your dad’s comment.

    • My Mom (who does not have a speck of Irish in her) still had the heart and soul of an Irishman. It surfaced when she visited Ireland and blossomed when she read the book. My point is that you don’t have to be Irish to love this book – just human!

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