Literary Trivia, Part Twenty-Two


Part Twenty-Two

106. How did Travis McGee acquire his houseboat?
He bought it at auction
He inherited it from a wealthy uncle
He built it
He took it in payment for a case
He won it in a poker game

107. In A Monstrous Regiment of Women, Sherlock Holmes leads Mary Russell to a bolt-hole he keeps in
a sewer
a pub
a blacksmith’s shop
a department store
a train station

108. Who is Agatha Christie lampooning in the fictional character of Ariadne Oliver?
Her mother
Georgette Heyer
Dame Margaret Rutherford
Phoebe Atwood Taylor

109. Kinsey Millhone has a particular affinity for
peanut butter and pickle sandwiches
stiletto heels
Beverly Hillbillies reruns

110. What period is considered the Golden Age of detective fiction?
The 1880s
The 1930s
The 1960s
The 1990s
Midnight to 4 a.m. on Thursdays

Answers appear on the following page.

Answers to Part Twenty-One

101. When he’s not imbibing martinis or solving mysteries with wife Pam, Jerry shepherds writers through the publication process.
102. So far, only P.G. Wodehouse has not had this distinction. Du Maurier, Ferber, London, and Stoker all take to crime solving in series penned by Joanna Challis, Ed Ifkovic, Peter King, and Raymond Buckland, respectively.
103. A sequence of church bells. The 2½-ton bell known as Tailor Paul is tolled to mark the death of “every Christian soul” within the parish of Fenchurch St. Paul: nine tailors for a man, six for a woman.
104. In a household characterized by chilly bedrooms and chillier personal relationships, it is Dogger who assumes the role of Flavia’s ally, friend, and protector.
105. The Honorable Phryne Fisher bought her Melbourne home for its street address, then appended the “B” in homage to Sherlock Holmes.

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